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Area Rugs Cleaning & Care Tips

Maintaining the beauty of your area rugs:9x12area-rug

Vacuum your area rugs regularly, being sure to go back and forth in the same direction over the entire rug. When vacuuming an area rug set beater brush so it just touches the top of the pile. Setting it to low may damage carpet fibers.

Rotate your area rugs as often as possible. Rotating your rugs will allow them to wear more evenly. In high traffic areas rotate more often. Also, rotate your rugs according to the amount of sunlight. Florida's direct sunlight can fade the dyes of your rugs.

Spot Cleaning certain stains can be effective. Some stains such as coffee, colas, juices, animal, medicines, milk, foods and certain dyes must be spotted immediately for best results.

Spot Cleaning Tips

1. First remove any solid materials from the area before spot cleaning your area rug.
2. Use luke warm water.

3. Use a clean white, absorbent terry towel.
4. Blot or tamp the spot.
4. Pretest the solution in an inconspicuous area.
5. Clean the stain from the edge to the center.
6. Apply cleaner to the towel, not the rug.
7. Use modest amounts of cleaning solution
8. Adhere to product safety and follow instructions.
9. Remove the stain as soon as it is noticed.
10. Remove the dirty excess before cleaning.

If you cannot seem to remove a stain, or if you notice that the area you have spot cleaned appears cleaner than the rest of your rug, it may be time to consult a reputable Oriental Rug cleaning specialist.

Rug Cleaning Specialists

Cleaning your area rugs properly enhances their look and value. To select an area rug cleaning specialist, you many want to contact manufacturer and ask for their recommendation.
If you decide to try to clean your own area rugs, you should be totally familiar with the process and be sure to test the dyes first. After receiving a rug from cleaning, you may notice some white areas.Dirt is good at covering up worn areas on your rug.

Discuss your options with the rug's manufacturer.

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