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Water Damage Cleanup

CARPET DOCS can address all your water damage needs.Water_Damage_house-flood

Water damage when it happens, is both sudden and dramatic. Recognizing that one moment everything at home is apparently fine and the next, you have an enormous water problem on your hands, when water damage occurs such as flooding or heavy storms, our company offers immediate assistance for all your water damage repairs.

Water damage can vary from simple water damage issues such as broken water pipes or water heaters to bigger and more devastating water damage from flooding and heavy storms. Regardless of what water damage issues that you have, our company can help. Our focus is on water extraction and drying out your home. We are also available for complete water damage repairs and water damage restoration services; we are also Florida State Licensed Mold assessor. Our professional technicians will assist you every step of the way to repairing all water damage in your home. Call us now for more details. water_damage_Drying

Our professional water damage repair & water damage restoration team.

Recognizing how much devastation water damage can wreak upon residential homes within minutes, our company has carefully assembled a professional water damage repair and water damage restoration team to handle even the most complicated and extensive flooding situations within the home. Our service technicians are skilled in all aspects of water damage repair and control.From repairing carpets damaged by flooding to water extraction, and drying of your entire house, our Tampa Bay Company can help you in every kind of water damage restoration situation. Our company prides itself on training technicians in all aspects of water damage control and repair. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration certifies our team. Our company employs skilled and professional technicians who are well educated in all aspects of home repair from water damage Water damage repair and water damage restoration issues can range from simple repairs to extensive repairs resulting from flooding, run-off, rising ground water, stagnant water pools for long periods of time, and other issues. Household items that have been damaged by water and left untreated for a long time can pose serious health hazards, creating unsanitary health conditions. Mold and mildew result in serious contamination and sanitation concerns. In all of these situations, water extraction is a very important step in removing water to begin the process of drying and sanitizing your home. Are company service technicians are ready and prepared to come out to your home right away. We act promptly and decisively to address your water damage repair needs as effectively as possible.

Our company recognizes that water damage can wreak havoc upon your property and devastate your home so that it is completely unrecognizable. To prevent long-term structural damage and destruction, our teams of skilled and professional service technicians come immediately to your home and act decisively upon arrival to minimize home damage and keep water damage under control, offering you complete water damage restoration services in the Tampa Bay area including water extraction and drying of the home, and mold testing. Our water damage repair and water damage restoration team focuses on drying your home after water extraction. Drying and disinfecting your home is the most important step in controlling water damage. By drying out your home, we can disinfect and restore your home to almost original conditions prior to water damage.

Our Equipment

Our company technicians come to your home prepared with some of the finest and most professional, heavy-duty water damage repair equipment such as powerful, high-speed air blowers, dehumidifiers, water pumps, and commercial disinfectants for water extraction, drying, disinfecting and sanitizing your home. The high capacity vacuum extractors also aid in water extraction in the home. Water extraction is very important in cleaning out the home to prevent the development of mold and mildew. Water extraction can take time if there are copious amounts of water in the home.

Air Movers / Blowers


After water extraction, our technicians dry out the home using heavy-duty air blowers. Our special and powerful air blowers are responsible for drying the contents and walls of your home thoroughly. These air blowers not only dry out the home from heavy water damage, but also help in promoting air circulation and flow. Proper air circulation is necessary to prevent the development of mold and mildew, which grow when the atmosphere in the home is damp and moist. A clean and dry home is free of mold and mildew and enjoys food air quality and circulation. At Complete Carpet Care, we strive to control all water damage in your home, dry out your home effectively, deodorize and sanitize your home, and promote healthy living standards.


Our dehumidifiers also aid in the process of drying out the contents and walls of your home by water_damage_w_Dehuseregulating temperature and humidity. This is very important in maintaining the structural integrity of you home to prevent the warping and morphing of the walls themselves from heavy water damage.

Disinfectants & Deodorants

Commercial disinfectants and deodorants limit and destroy mildew, mold, and fungus that grow when areas in the home get too wet from water damage. These powerful agents are helpful in sanitizing and deodorizing the home, bringing it back to normal and healthy living conditions.

Our Professional Services

Our water damage repair and water damage restoration services are complete and involve a 3 step process. Our Company offers complete water damage repair and water damage restoration services that include: (1) Water Extraction (2) Drying of Walls and content (3) Testing for Mold

Water Extraction

During this process, our service technicians carefully extract and expunge all extra water from inside the home. This includes large standing pools of water as well as water that have seeped into different parts of the home. We use large, truck mounted vacuums to effectively extract out all excess water from your home. As part of our water extraction process, we also deodorize and sanitize your home, cleaning carpets, furniture, and upholstery that may have become damaged from water.

Drying of Walls & Content

We follow the water extraction with drying. Our professional service technicians carefully dry out the walls and content of your home. This process includes removing dirt, debris, bacteria, and soot as well as strong, pungent odors that may have developed during the water damage.


From water extraction to wood floor restoration, our water damage repair services are thorough and comprehensive. Call us now for more details! Whether your home is in a serious state requiring immediate water damage repair and water damage restoration services, or whether you have a question or concern and want to learn more about our services, you can call our company at our St. Petersburg location to get help right away.


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