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Rippled or Bumpy Carpet?

Learn how having your carpet stretched or power stretched can save you time and money


Over time your carpeting may have developed waves, ripples, lumps and bumps. You don't always need new wall to wall carpets, you can save money by having your carpets re-stretched. Re-stretching takes up the slack in you carpets and restores them to their original tension. This removes the waves and ripples. Lumps and bumps can be restored by installing new padding under the carpet in the affected area. We can re-seam carpeting that has come apart as well as repair tears.

Importance of Re-stretching and Power Stretching



All makers of carpet and the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI)recommend that new carpets at time of installation are to be powered stretched. (To see Industry Standards for Installation at CRI) Most installers are underpaid. They are paid by the yard so rather that use the recommenced power stretching tool, which takes more time and effort, they just kick-it-in. Usually, if not installed with a power stretch, new carpet will begin to ripple and wave in about 16 months. In addition, most flooring companies only guarantee installations for 1 year. But, improper carpet installation will make your warranty null and void.This is a huge and ongoing problem in the flooring industry. When carpet is re-stretched and power stretched by Carpet Docs you can expect more life and better performance from your carpet.With a proper stretch your carpet will Look better, Feel better, Clean better and Last longer. Most people do not understand their carpet problem.They automatically think they need new carpeting, when many times it can be repaired. Sometimes they wait until it is to late to call the Doctor for their carpeting needs and it is D.O.A.

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