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Customer: Leon S. ( Chairman of the Pinellas Board of Realtors ) Services: Carpet Cleaning " Did a great job I recommend them highly"


Customer Kelly F. ( Realtor )  Services: Carpet Cleaning "Professionalism On Time" "Customer Care"


Customer: katherine B. ( Broach School ) Services: Carpet Cleaning " My carpet looks brand new"

Thursday, February 21, 2013 11:22 AM

I have used Carpet Docs regularly for a number of years and have always been pleased with not only the results, but also the friendly, trust-worthy and accommodating staff. The products they use are eco-friendly, odor-free, and amazingly fast-drying. They pay attention to any special requests I have had and my almost white carpets seem to stay clean longer, probably because they have a protection additive that works. I like to support family-owned local businesses that are accessible and responsive to my needs, and have referred Carpet Docs to friends and family.

Judy C. in Largo


I've had many carpet cleaning companies do work for my clients over the years. Having worked with Dan Brave in his prior endeavors, when he informed me he had started a carpet cleaning company, I had no hesitation about asking him to do a job for me.  He cleaned carpets that had been cleaned before but had not looked as clean since the time they were new.  His workmen are neat and professional, they accommodated my schedule and I couldn't be more pleased with their work.

Amy K. Seeks

Vice President, Real Estate Services
Smith & Associates Real Estate
Tampa * St. Petersburg * Belleair



Carpet Docs saved my reputation!!!! You may smile when you read this but it's so true......I had a group of 30 coming to my home and my carpets were to be cleaned.  In my preparation of getting the home together, I get the dreaded call, the carpet cleaners I have coming have to cancel on me because of equipment issues.  BUT they can come in three days!!!

Total panic, sets in!!!  Let me take a few steps back, my dog is blind and has accidents and when they cancel, the two to three stains I have in my mind now look like 20 to 30 stains.......who the heck can I call and have at my home today.

I then remembered this guy Dan with Carpet Docs who stands up in our "Pitch" sessions at Baywalk & introduces his business & talks up their customer care.So I'm thinking, well Dan, you better put your talk in your walk NOW cause I need it.  I scramble and find his business card on my desk and as I'm dialing him, I'm thinking you will make or break me as your next customer......He happens to answer the call on the 2nd ring, I already like that, and I explain my situation and the urgency I'm feeling.  What I liked even more is he remembered me too from the Pitch session we attend on Thursday morning.  Soooooooo, he tells me he is booked for the next three days and can get me in after that.  I thought I would cry and I believe he heard it in my silence or should I say, I believe he sensed my disappointment.  He puts me on hold and then it's music to my ears, he says “Kelly, I'm going to squeeze you in TODAY!!!!!”  YAHOOOOO!  “I've got the guys coming your way on two other jobs but we will get it done for you!!!!”  Within 2 hours the guys show up in their matching outfits (scrubs like), clean truck, professional "can do" attitude, and totally made me feel like they would take over.

I can't remember EVER in my carpet cleaning years such a professional group to deal with...I haven't heard "yes m’am" as much in my life.  Whatever I asked, they came up with a solution.  I even had a call from work and they politely turned off the machine because I needed the total silence for 2 to 3 minutes.  I was so impressed with their "can do attitude" and professionalism, I knew I found my next vendor to take care of my carpet needs.  Oh I would also like to add that the product is superior, and, I like the GREEN

I'm not being compensated in any way to write to you and tell you about my experience with Carpet Docs and team, I actually volunteered to tell you my story!!!  Choose them and you will be a satisfied customer and one to tell your friends and family!!!!  It's a win-win situation....

Kelly Fenton
Realtor Coldwell Banker

Hi Dan:  Tim, Niki and Melissa are totally professional, focused and did a great job for me.  My neighbors are also 100% satisfied with their service(s).  "Spring" cleaning is under-rated; but, now that we have you on our radar screen, feel certain there will be other "friends" looking for the quality of cleaning you provide.  Amen!!  Thanks, too, for your compassion about cost for me..... will be in touch. 



Hi Dan~

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your services. The guys arrived on schedule, were very professional and did a wonderful job on the carpets. They look GREAT!

I am a Real Estate agent for Keller Williams Realty and come across the needs of your services often. I would be happy to refer Carpet Docs to my customers!

Thank you,
Becky McConnell
Keller Williams Realty St. Pete

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Having grown up in the Marine Corps, built numerous high-end homes, and employed dozens of service personnel through my nine insurance agencies, I am obsessively critical about managing talent. Your employees exemplified my criteria of capable, informative, friendly and industrious. Both answered my questions promptly with not a hint of a condescending attitude.
They moved the few pieces that I decided needed a couple of stout backs, and cleaned the carpet, exceeding my expectations.
Their recommendation and demonstration of "Soilblaster" to clean my bamboo floors sold me on the product. After my thorough sweeping, the cleaner / polisher has left my floors looking better than new.

You got two good ones. Hang onto them.

Rick B

Hi Dan,Cool_Face

We had a great experience with the Carpet Docs. We decided a few months ago when we realized our tile floors looked like a checker board with dark lines separating the squares that we needed our grout cleaned and our porous tile sealed.  Your crew did an amazing job.  The tile was cleaned so that you could no longer tell where the area rug had been lying.  The grout was scrubbed back to its original light color throughout the house.  You did everything you  said you would in the time you said it would take. I have all my furniture moved back and the house just sparkles because  it starts with the floor. I have already spoken to several people about the great job you did.



Lisa_Dog_Stains_After Dear Dan,

I had some training issues with one of my dogs since I moved to a place without a yard.  Carpet  Docs came out and did a great job taking care of the stains and the odor.  He was extremely thorough and took great care of my furniture while he moved it out of the room.  When he left, the carpet looked great, and the room had a clean, fresh, chemical-free smell.  It dried quickly, and still looks great months later.

Thanks, Dan!
Lisa T

Our company has recently taken on a company initiative of “Green Beginnings” which includes Green Cleaning.  After researching companies who offer eco-friendly services in the area we were impressed with just how environmentally friendly Dan’s company Carpet Docs is.  The carpet and flooring in our offices have never looked better and there are no chemical smells.  We highly recommend Carpet Docs for their amazing work and commitment to keeping our environment clean!
Sincerely, ThinkGreenIcon

Sherry J

Carpet Docs recently cleaned our Boardroom carpet as well as some other carpeted areas in Commercial_side_by_sidenumerous offices.  Carpet Docs did a fantastic job and was even able to remove some long set stains.  I would recommend Dan in a heartbeat: truly professional with Carpet Docs!

Susan I
Relations Specialist

I want to give a testimonial about the fine service I've recently received from Carpet Docs.  I've known Dan Brave, one of the owners, for a few years through the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce.

When it came time for my carpet to be cleaned in February, I made only one call.....to Dan.  He gave me a very reasonable quote and I went ahead, scheduling the work for a week later.  I was pleased upon coming home the day of the carpet cleaning,  which included four rooms plus a 14-step staircase and hallway.  Payment was made upon completion and I agreed to having him return the following day to do a follow-up vacuuming. I asked Dan to come back today to touch up a spot that I had created after the cleaning.  It was easily done and included smoothing over a burnt place in my carpet where I'd dropped a small, hot piece of wood by my fireplace.  I can barely see the spot anymore.  He has the magic touch.

One thing that is particularly nice about his service is the caring attitude he takes in me as a customer.  I appreciate that approach and I believe that customer service/caring goes a long way in building a business.

I highly recommend Carpet Docs!
Shirley B

Hi Dan and Crew,

I just wanted to give a big “Thanks” and “Job well done” for the work done this week on our office floor! I was having my doubts that it could ever look like this again! I also appreciate your newsletters: there’s really good info in there. I’m even more thankful for the verbal info you gave me about us using the wrong cleaners on our floor. You could have kept that to yourself and got more business by letting us continue to mess it up…but you’re really a believer in “an educated consumer is the best consumer.” Keep up the good work!

Many thanks,

Holli B. Hedden

General Manager

Working Cow Homemade Ice Cream

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